How Long Does it Take to Get Into Ketosis?

Dr. Berg talks about how long it takes to get into ketosis and start burning fat. You will have to keep your insulin low (removing sugar and glucose) before your body burns fat and loses weight – this is all done with lowering the hormone insulin. Dr. Berg talks about how long it takes to… Read more »

Key Foods on a Ketogenic Diet

Dr. Berg talks about the key foods on a ketogenic diet. We want to base this around nutrients. Vitamin C is one, so consume bell peppers, sauerkraut and lots of vegetables. Omega 3s from wild caught salmon and fatty fish is good. Then you have vitamin B1 from sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast. Potassium and magnesium… Read more »

Keto and Intermittent Fasting: the Big Overview for Beginners

Thanks for Watching … and please LIKE | SHARE & COMMENT on all the trending natural health & fitness news and videos. Dr. Berg talks about keto and intermittent fasting and will give you a big overview. There are many parts of the program that you need to know about. *How to transition from your… Read more »

3 Tweaks to the Traditional Ketogenic Diet

Dr. Berg talks about 3 important tips with the low carb, higher fat ketogenic tweaks. 1. 20-50 grams of carbs -go with higher quality of carbs. Don’t worry about including your vegetable carbs as a part of this formula. 2. Add intermittent fasting to a ketogenic diet. Every time you eat, you stimulate insulin to… Read more »